Video Editor

Swift, JS

GoPro has a lot of users with hours of video footage that has gone untouched. How can we make the video editor easier to use while at the same time making them look like a pro?

This project was an exploration in reducing complexity for the user and testing how much could be automated without feeling like a bland template.

We ran 1-2 week design sprints, testing with real customers and building out tests to quickly refine what we did, and more importantly, did not have to include in the final product.

This product shipped as GoPro’s Quik for Desktop editor.


I built this desktop application in Swift with JS for the gui. Since the core was native, it was extremely efficient while still being highly flexible on the user interface. I rapidly iterated over many different UI concepts in a very short period.

For further testing, I ended up porting this project to iPad and iPhone. This heavily leveraged Apple’s frameworks to build a stable editor that could handle high resolution footage while still being quick to build.